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In Concert

In Concert takes you where no-one else can go - to the unique atmosphere, the excitement, the experience, of a live event. In Concert is where you'll find the definitive collection of live rock and pop.

Everyone is represented, from classic to contemporary, Paul McCartney to Pink Floyd, Kaiser Chiefs to Coldplay, Sting to the Strokes, and the best of Glastonbury Festival from the last 20 years.

In Concert is:

  • The largest and best live music archive in the world
  • More than 1000 exclusive one-hour recordings, covering 30 years of live music making
  • An additional 250 hours of classic live Jazz performances from artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Herbie Hancock
  • Continually updated with at least 30 hours of new rock concerts every year
  • Supplied with full artist information and detailed cue sheet
  • Special events available live via satellite/ ISDN

In Concert offers:

  • Enough programming to fill a weekly one hour concert slot 52 weeks of the year
  • Flexibility to select from both new and established artists
  • Distinctive programming that gives your listeners a special insight into their favourite artists
  • The opportunity to create exciting trails and presented shows from live concert tracks
  • The unique atmosphere of live events
  • An experienced team of live music specialists committed to providing the best possible standard of production